Ambassador program

Foundation Ambassador Program

PRECorp Foundation Ambassadors are volunteers committed to taking part in the grant application process and serve as community liaisons between the PRECorp Foundation and their community non profits, community members, and businesses. Each Ambassador’s efforts are crucial to the success of the PRECorp Foundation.

The objective of this program is to broaden the exposure and impact of the Foundation by leveraging a geographically disbursed network of volunteers. Ambassadors are asked to work with the PRECorp Foundation Board and staff on special activities to advance the Foundation’s advocacy efforts and to share their story with important decision makers and assist in identifying community needs. Ambassador members also help promote the activities of the Foundation and participate in these activities in a meaningful way.

Just knowing and talking with your neighbors and friends, business owners, and non-profits in you community can assist the Foundation.

Contact us to request an informational packet on the program.

Ambassador responsibilities may include:

  • Responding to emails from Ambassador Board co-chairs, Foundation Staff and Board.
  • Leading Ambassador Board members.
  • Attending or volunteering at regional fund raising events.
  • Promoting PRECorp Foundation fund raising events in your region.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of other Ambassador Board members from the community in cooperation with the Executive Director.
  • Being the eyes and ears of the PRECorp Foundation in your community.